Six-Sentence Story: Safety First

“That mouthguard doesn’t fit properly; you can’t fight with it.”

Mike couldn’t believe what the official was telling him, especially since this exact same guy allowed him to fight, with the exact same mouthguard, about a month ago.

“But you—,” the official flexed his power and cut Mike offer before he could present his case.

“Safety first,” was the official’s punctuation mark on the conversation.

Moments before the commission pulled the plug on Mike’s fight, his coach ran the mouthguard into the arena’s kitchen, dunked it in the french fry’s hot oil with tongs for several seconds, and placed it back in Mike’s mouth. The mouthguard not only molded more tightly around his teeth, but it added the hunger for a snack to go with the grumble in his belly for violence.

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Flash Fiction: Quick Like A Bunny

Frankie headed toward the roof of his apartment with his coach—six-feet away from one another, of course. The gym had been closed since the order of self-isolation went into effect.

“I think you’ll like this workout,” coach chuckled. 

When Frankie stepped onto the roof, he counted about fifty bunnies hopping around. He was speechless and looked back at his coach with curiosity.

“Well, catch em’ and put em’ in that box,” was coach’s response to the silent stare.

Forty-minutes later, Frankie was completely exhausted.

Coach grabbed the box and headed to his next student’s place.

Word Count: 99

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100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge #11

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Prompt Word: Canvas