Flash Fiction: Wrong Person, Wrong Piece of Mind

Jeremy and Kevin had been cruising the Broadway bars all evening, and it was around midnight when they stepped into the Broadway Lounge & Terrace.

Kevin, as usual, was three sheets to the wind.

“Dude…,” Jeremy slapped Kevin on the shoulder, “That’s Tyler McNeal, the Middleweight Champion of Iron Fury Fight League!”

While Jeremy wanted to get a picture with McNeal, Kevin replied with a slurred New Yorker bravado, “I wanna give him a piece-uh my mind.”

Before Jeremy could stop his belligerent buddy, McNeal was dragging Kevin through the restaurant and planting him face first onto the sidewalk.

Prompted from Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge at: https://carrotranch.com/2020/04/03/april-2-flash-fiction-challenge-2/.

MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 15

On this episode of the MSP, Gabriel Freyre, returns to the show to share the new date—May 23, 20202—for his second pro fight in Tampa Bay, Florida, discuss several MMA news headlines, coronavirus, and more. 

Episode 15 streamed live on MMA Storytime’s Facebook page:

If you were unable to catch the live stream, Episode 15 is also available on YouTube:

Stay tuned to the MMA Storytime Podcast because Freyre will return when his upcoming fight approaches!

A to Z Challenge: B is for Branding

Nowadays, how a fighter brands themselves is, arguably, more important than their actual fighting ability.

As independent contractors, every mixed martial artist who fills a corner of the cage is a self-operative CEO. A businesses marketing strategy is important, and the same is true for fighters. Fact of the matter is: the hurt business bruises the egos of the sport’s most savage brutes—and not because they were punched, kicked, or choked into the badlands before a live audience—because they can’t understand why their striking or submission skillset isn’t enough. Many fighters prefer to cage themselves off from social media and the public eye altogether, but, unfortunately, If they don’t put themselves out there, they’ll remain hidden in the shadows, wondering why their stock never rose. 

In recent years, quite a few high-profile prizefighters have turned the dials of their personalities from a minimal level of annoyance to its maximum capacity, creating personas that are perceived as cartoonish. The majority of martial artists who choose to test their craft within MMA’s nearly lawless atmosphere don’t want to be mixed up with playing the role of a “character,” which is respectable. Truth be told: fans just want to feel invested in, whether it’s positively or negatively, the man or woman standing under the spotlight.

Even as an up-and-coming amateur, the sooner a fighter molds a signature to broadcast to the masses, the more recognizable they become. Any brand created, however, doesn’t have to harden like concrete. There is always some flexibility along a fighter’s already difficult journey; it’s just a matter of how the fighter shares their metamorphosis.

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/.

Can You Guess the Fighter? #11

How well do you know your favorite fighters?

Using the given images as clues, try and guess the fighter’s name. The way you are supposed to read the clues is as follows: the image at the top is the fighter’s nickname; the image in the middle makes the first nickname; and the final image represents their last name.

If you think you know the fighter’s name, enter it into the comments.

Good luck!

100 Word Flash Fiction #13

Welcome to MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge! 

Each week, writers who choose to participate will be given a prompt, 100 words, and the freedom to go wherever the prompt leads. Much like two mixed martial artists meeting in the cage: a minimal ruleset can create endless possibility and wild excitement. 

Prompted words will be posted each Monday, and writers will have until Sunday evening to share their entry. Once you are done, create a pingback—following the inserted instructions (here)—or add a link to your entry in the comments section.


Write 100 words.

Use the current week’s prompt.

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Prompt Word: Tattoo(s)

A to Z Challenge: A is for Announcers

As if MMA couldn’t get more exciting, a ring announcer with the right voice and energy can act as an electric shock, jolting fans, as well as the fighters, into a state of heightened readiness. 

Whether it’s Bruce Buffer’s powerful pitch motoring MMA’s most globally recognized promotion, the infamous howl of Lenne Hardt, or any amplified tone all the way down to the local level, the talented announcers make a task as simple reading a name and several data points seem unfathomable.  

From introducing the two warriors in their respective corners for battle to sharing the official decision with the audience, a successful announcer bookends an MMA contest into history.

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/.