Moxie: The Mini-Series (Part 3)

Mom darted for the gas station’s restroom, “I’ll be right back.”

Dozer was quick to follow but realized that the concrete of this paved island patch in the middle of farmland was a unique sort of smooth; the urge to grab his skateboard, which was never far from his side, and run his wheels across was overpowering.

The ground synced perfectly with the board’s wheels, and Dozer’s legs adjusted from their crammed quarters in the backseat to freedom. 

A yellow curb along next to the the gas station called for Dozer’s attention. He wondered why skate parks didn’t coat their ground with this same sort of concrete, and he also wondered who had already waxed the curb before him.

Above all else, Dozer was mindful, as well as a bit flustered, by a presence leering over his every move since he’d hopped on his board…

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