Living Without A Net

Trevin was lifted from the chair that tortured his lumbar by lunch and dragged him from the cubicle within corporate America with the same powerful allure of the Sirens who coaxed Homer. Unlike Homer—who was pulled off course—Trevin was certain this was the path he was supposed to follow, even with much of his family members advising him not to leave a “sure thing.”

Easy for everyone else to tell him what to do with his life. Trevin believed he was put on this earth to be locked in a confined space as a career, though he’d prefer punching faces to a time clock.

“Where are you going?” Trevin’s pest of a boss demanded. 

Much different than the quiet confidence Trevin was known around the office for, his volume would rise much higher than normal as he scorched his financial safety net to the ground, “Fuck off.”

Prompted from  Six Sentence Story Word Prompt at:

Prompted from Three Things Challenge at:


  1. Congrats Trevin for following your own dreams. If we don’t take chances, how can we ever know what could be. Takes courage and hard work but the payoff is, well, priceless.


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