Fight Night Is No Laughing Matter

Dad was always a bit eccentric on fight nights; it was his way, and things went bad, quickly, if anything veered off course. 

“You got an envelope,” Mark said as he walked into the kitchen where Dad was preparing all the favorite snacks, and he motioned with his head for the envelope to be placed on the counter.

Soon thereafter, Mark’s younger brother, Steven, entered; he noticed the envelope sitting there and whispered to his brother, “We better get out of here.”

Steven was a known prankster, and on April fool’s Day—today—his antics were on steroids; however Mark recognized the urgency without fully understanding the full scope of the situation.

Once all the trays were arranged for an evening of grazing and digesting each round of mixed martial arts, Dad opened the envelope, discovering some sort of mechanical piece and a note that read:

“If you want your fights to come in crystal clear, find the place to put this gear.”

Everyone in the family avoided Dad as best they could for the next couple weeks—which was when they were finally able to purchase a new T.V.

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