A Go Fund Me Has Been Created to Make Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones Happen

Though pay-per-views are expensive, rankings are tangled webs of confusion, and cross-promotional matchmaking doesn’t occur, one thing MMA fans can’t live without is witnessing the clash of Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones. 

Leading into UFC 260, Jones vacated the light heavyweight title he’d been lugging around for nearly a decade, because he wanted to further cement his legacy with a move to the heavyweight division. Whether Jones would face someone for a top contender slot or simply slip into the next in line for the belt was yet to be determined. 

At the time, there was also a wait-and-see for who would emerge the victor between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou. After Ngannou unveiled a new array of grappling and patience in his second round knockout of Miocic, the question at the tip of everyone’s tongue: Will Ngannou defend his new hardware against Jones?

During UFC 260’s post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White not only circumvented the possibility of the pairing, but he went as far as to say with a smirk that Jones should “start moving to 85 [185-pounds.” Jones was obviously watching the press conference because his Tweets became talking points for the reporters in the room.

It doesn’t take the same kind of scientist who can detect a picogram in a swimming pool to realize Jones isn’t happy with whatever the swirly ink on his contract states. Of course, the argument of a deal being a deal is fair when it comes to contracts; however, MMA also follows the line of logic: ‘if it makes dollars, it makes sense,’ and THIS makes sense. 

Truth is, MMA fans—US—can’t look back on Ngannou versus Jones as one that got away, nor do we want to wait any long than is necessary. As a means of bypassing the lengthy negotiations and forcing history into the present, a Go Fund Me has been created to feed the moths in Jones’ wallet and bring our imaginations to life. To visit the Go Fund Me, go to: https://gofund.me/8aa67da3.

Let’s help!

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