Save 15% Off on a 10 Guillotine Chokes Mini-Course

What can you do in ten-minutes? Make a sandwich? Clean out your glove compartment? Create a hilarious meme? You could also improve your Jiu-Jitsu game.

In a ten-part mini-series, Professor Drew Weatherhead walks any practitioners who joins through a collection of ten different guillotine chokes. 

This worthwhile seminar showcases each choke using high-quality video, and the controls resemble YouTube’s features—minus the rabbit holes—for easy functionality. 

For only two dollars a position, you can snatch someone’s neck and submit them with enough variations to even kill a cat. 

By ordering tutorials from Professor Weatherhead’s catalogue, your professor will never know where the extra tools you possess under a belt he awarded you came from. 

Save 15% off when purchasing the 10 Guillotine Chokes Mini-Course from the Because Jitsu Online BJJ Tutorial Database by using the promo code: STORYTIME.

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