Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal: MMA Promotions

Without a promotion, the sport of MMA devolves into a pick up game of street fights. Promotions, which are usually overseen by a commission, provide a banner of legitimacy, as well as a payday for the professionals. From a local level to the brightest lights of the hurt business, MMA Storytime’s participation in the A to Z Challenge plans to open cage doors from around the world for you to enter and stand in the center of their canvases. 

Listed below are the promotions, from A to Z, that will be featured throughout the month of April:

A is for Affliction Entertainment

B is for Bellator MMA

C is for Cage Warriors

D is for Dana White’s Contender Series 

E is for Eagle Fighting Championship 

F is for Fight Nights Global

G is for Golden Boy MMA

H is for Hook-n-Shoot

I is for Invicta Fighting Championships

J is for Jungle Fight

K is for King of the Cage

L is for Legacy Fighting Alliance

M is for M-1 Global

N is for Tuff-N-Uff

O is for One Championship

P is for Pride Fighting Championships

Q is for Quintet

R is for Rizin Fighting Federation

S is for Strikeforce 

T is for Tough Guy Contest

U is for Ultimate Fighting Championship

V is for Vale Tudo

W is for World Series of Fighting

X is for Xplode Fight Series

Y is for Youth Sports Foundation

Z is for Z Promotions

Prompted from A to Z Challenge at:

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