Julian Marquez: Hit With A Restraining Order

The cute, playful back-and-forth between UFC middleweight Julian Marquez and pop icon Miley Cyrus has quickly turned into a tangled web of ugly litigation. 

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Marquez made a long-awaited return to the MMA’s grand stage, kicking off the pay-per-view portion of UFC 258. Not only was Marquez’s heart on display after nearly three years removed from the picture, upon finishing Maki Pitolo in the final frame with an anaconda choke, he took a shot at love during his post-fight interview, asking Miley Cyrus if she would like to be his Valentine. 

The thirty-year-old known as “The Cuban Missile Crisis” checked all the necessary boxes to adhere just a little bit longer in the memory of MMA fans than someone else: a Performance of the Night earning effort, a highlight reel submission, and a post-fight interview that hammered the funny bone of those watching from home. The cherry atop this already delicious sundae was when Cyrus actually responded to Marquez’s courtship:

Though the singer could have been serious in how Marquez could have sealed a date, the ultimate fighter demonstrated his failures as an ultimate lover, trying to up the ante of their banter:

While the bizarre response, somehow, led to an exchange of numbers, Marquez’s antics—much of which can’t be disclosed as its an active case—intensified, forcing Cyrus to seek a restraining order. Again, details of what drove such legal action are unclear; however, it was noted by Cyrus’ team that Marquez is to stay a minimum of 500 miles away from their client. 

Moving forward, Marquez should focus the same energy invested in the pursuit of love with the Siren who sang “Wrecking Ball” to continue along his trajectory of being a wrecking ball at 185-pounds, because if he doesn’t, the next cage he’ll be locked in is a local jail cell, instead of the Octagon. 

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