Thank You for 400 Followers at

It may not seem like much—and, of course, thousands and millions is even better—but reaching the 400 mark felt like a milestone, of sorts.

MMA Storytime’s opening round began in late December 2019. The purpose then, as it is now, was to shed light on aspects of the sport and the mindsets of its competitors that otherwise remain in the dark using fiction as a springboard. Within the bloggersphere, countless “challenges” are presented, such as writing stories or poems with specific themes, word prompts, or word counts, and wrestles as many of those challenges as possible into the cage. Not only do I spar with the challenges of others, I host several—weekly and daily—as well: MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge, MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day, and MMA Storytime’s Rispetto Poetry Prompt Challenge.

In addition to a realm of invented characters and scenarios, MMA Storytime also shares many of the latest headlines circulating MMA’s news cycle on social media—InstagramFacebook, and Twitter—using memes. Although WordPress orbits the online networking universe, the ability to grow an audience is much more challenging here than on the more standard social outlets.

Again, thank you for visiting As a means of bolstering the site’s reach even further, a combination of comments, likes, and shares would deliver a knockout blow of exponential growth!


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