Jake Paul Broke Ben Askren Before Their Fight Began

YouTuber turned professional Boxer Jaker Paul predicts a record-breaking stoppage of the former Olympian and mixed martial artist Ben Askren when they meet in the squared circle on April 17, 2021. Of course, everyone assumed Paul was simply playing the role of a black belt level troll, but he was, in fact, able to follow through with his crazy claims months before their bout is even scheduled.

Riding the wave of his viral knockout of Nate Robinson, a retired NBA player, Paul wanted to pursue this new path as a prizefighter against someone experienced within the fight game. With twenty MMA matches and championships in multiple organizations, one would surmise Askren to pose a greater threat to Paul than his previous opponent—until recently.

The odds were in Paul’s favor from the moment the contracts were signed—youth, power, and an innate ability to trash talk online. Askren, twelve years Paul’s elder, has primarily used his hands to hold and caress any opposition in the cage—as the lifelong wrestler’s game plan consisted of covering and smothering for the round’s entirety.

If Askren’s resume wasn’t enough to evidence he doesn’t belong inside a boxing ring, the aftermath of a post on social should close this case for good. In the video, Askren, who is known to be quite the Internet jokester as well, is seen receiving a heavy bag from a friend with Paul’s face on it. Finally, Askren proceeds to pummel Paul’s jawline like pistons in desperate need of a greasing. 

When the video ended, pain began pumping throughout Askren’s hand. Initially, he thought it was arthritis; the agony, though, never subsided, so he visited his doctor. Following an x-ray, Askren was diagnosed with a broken bone in his hand.

As of now, the bout between Paul and Askren has yet to be scrapped. If Askren isn’t medically cleared for his date with Paul, he will not only be remembered as the guy on the wrong end of a five-second KO, but nobody will ever allow him to forget losing to an influencer seventy-four days before the fight took place. 

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