Scott Coker Trades Dillon Danis for Cup Noodle Guy

Bellator MMA and Rizin FF have collaborated in the past, but the two captains at each promotion’s helm have agreed upon a landmark deal, trading Dillon Danis for Cup Noodle Guy.

Since Bellator signed Danis back in April 2018, the Jiu-Jitsu specialist with aggressive Twitter fingers can point to an undefeated record; however, a pair of victories over the span of nearly three years leaves much to be desired from the MMA Community. When Danis entered the MMA’s bubble, his bark become much like that of a yappy Chihuahua after taking a bite out of two sacrificial lambs who were able to get lunch breaks long enough to be submitted. Initially, Scott Coker, Bellator MMA’s beacon of hope, was amused by Danis’ online antics, calling out boxers, YouTubers who wish to box, and mixed martial artists in every organization other than Bellator. Any attention is good attention was Coker’s thought process…until things became a blight. 

Coker would offer Danis contracts to face several of Bellator’s brightest up-and-coming prospects, but the one known as “El Jefe” turned each down like a boss. Then, minutes after Danis would decline a deal, Coker would see him on social media chirping at someone else about how awesome he is in hand-to-hand combat. The straw that broke Coker’s back was witnessing Danis being pelted with water balloons and toilet paper by Jake Paul, and Danis still refused to sign the dotted line and step inside the squared circle opposite the newly minted boxer, citing a knee issue; moreover, Ben Askren, an accredited wrestler at the age of thirty-six with newly surfaced hips, has agreed to stand-and-bang with the former Disney Channel star.

The more Coker ruminated about Danis and his longevity under Bellator’s banner, the more he realized that the twenty-seven-year-old, whose biggest claim to fame is his friendship with Conor McGregor, was better suited as a mascot than a fighter; if Bellator MMA was to have a mascot, Coker wanted the best in the business, so he reached out to his friend Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the President of Rizin Fighting Federation. 

MMA Storytime obtained the private messages shared between Coker and Sakakibara, and it appears Danis has been traded for Cup Noodle Guy. 

As noted in the back-and-forth, Danis’ inactivity and cartoonish character could be exactly what Rizin FF needs to bolster every other one of their popular New Year’s Eve events, and Bellator can have a guy with noodles in a cup, instead of someone with noodles for brains. 

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