Dana White Officially Ends Celebratory Backflips

Jumping for joy is an understatement with any victory in a mixed martial arts contest, but UFC President Dana White recently put limitations on this blissful leap.

As if an exhilarating finish on a high-profile platform isn’t enough, there are some competitors who punctuate their performance by climbing to the top of the cage and backflipping off; a sequence branded fresh into the minds of viewers following Michael Chandler’s knockout of Dan Hooker in the co-main event of UFC 257.

During UFC 257’s post-fight press conference, the promotion’s head honcho noted how foolish it is for fighters to showcase such high-flying acrobatics. Normally the recipient of questions, White fired his own inquiry at the media, “Do you guys hate the backflips as much as I hate the backflips?” Without waiting for an answer, he continued, “This kid [Chandler] gets this fight in the UFC; then, does a backflip that looks like it’s going to blow out both fuckin’ ankles, his knees, and spine. I just don’t get the backflip thing, and I don’t like it.”

Upon further reflection, White determined that the excitement of watching one of his independent contractors hurl themselves from the heavens isn’t a reward that’s worth the risk; therefore, he announced his ban of the celebratory backflip on Twitter. In order to ensure the fist-fighting Führer’s mandate, there would also be some modifications made to the UFC’s Octagon.

Anyone on the UFC’s roster willing to battle through countless coils of razor wire for an opportunity to boldly bound from the cage’s brim against the boss’ orders is either crazy enough to deserve a bonus or suffering from CTE and needs to be cut. 

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