Conor McGregor’s Team Claims His Hot Sauce Was Spiked

The post-fight USADA samples of Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor returned without issue, but McGregor’s people are investigating further, as they believe the bottle of hot sauce Poirier gave the fighting pride of Ireland was spiked. 

Seven years removed from their initial meeting, the trash talk and bad blood between Poirier and McGregor was traded for interactions of humility and respect leading into the rematch at UFC 257. In the midst of warm embraces and well wishes, the two top-flight lightweights decided to exchange bottles of their self-made brands of sauce—McGregor, the owner of Proper 12 Whiskey, and Poirier, the owner of Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce.

Since McGregor’s perception of Poirier transformed—from calling him “pea head” in the past to viewing their present-day realities of fatherhood life and a pursuit for supremacy at 155-pounds as two peas in a pod—he didn’t think anything about dousing his dinner after weigh-ins with Poirier’s spicy flavoring.

The following day, McGregor and his handlers noticed something was off, to say the least. 

Much like Deontay Wilder accused Tyson Fury of drugging his water, telling reporters he felt as though he had taken a muscle relaxer, McGregor displayed similar symptoms: heavy limbs, impaired speech, and delayed movement. Although McGregor’s faculties never improved, there was no chance of cancelling his crack at inching another step closer to, again, donning the UFC’s lightweight crown. 

Next thing the “Notorious” one notices: he’s asleep on the canvas. McGregor remembered absorbing some heavy strikes from Poirier, but his corner recalled his demise resembled more of drifting off to dreamland than a classic knockout. During his post-fight interview, McGregor revealed his legs were dead—which was also an issue Wilder experienced from Fury’s mickey.

On Twitter, Wilder, who was glued to the main event, subscribed to the theory that McGregor was slipped something:

MMA Storytime reached out to the toxicology lab where McGregor’s people submitted another sample but have yet to receive a response. Stay tuned to for any added information on the matter. 

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