Jake Paul’s Next Opponent

Following Jake Paul’s dismantling of Nate Robinson, a retired NBA player in his mid-thirties who threw hands like the sweet science was candy in a beaker, the former Disney Channel star and YouTube underling of older brother Logan has officially changed the occupation on his tax forms to “Boxer.” According to a recent announcement live on Triller’s social media, Paul will be headlining Snoop Dogg’s boxing promotion, Fight Club on April 17, 2021, though the opponent has remained a surprise—until now!

On the undercard of Triller’s previous event—which showcased the exhibition between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones—Jake Paul scored an attention grabbing knockout, regardless of the questionable skill level of opposition whose well of athleticism ran dry long ago, on the undercard. Since flatlining Robinson and setting his sights on a path in prizefighting, Paul has been pounding the campaign trail for the ideal foe to raise his stock. Though the name wasn’t revealed during the live broadcast, Ryan Kavanaugh, owner of Triller, shared the person they’re going to place across from Paul is one one of professional Boxing and MMA experience. 

Paul fired shots at several to sign the dotted line—primary targets included: Ben Askren, Dillon, Danis, and Conor McGregor—yet they appeared bulletproof, unfazed by Paul’s comedic callouts. Outraged by Paul’s antics online to stir the pot and lure someone into the ring, many within the combat sports community, both boxers and mixed martial artists alike, desperately wanted a piece of the payday, to teach him the consequences for being such a loudmouth, or a combination of the two. The individual who appeared from the shadows to accept the offer from Paul and his team was none other than the historically heavy hitting and multiple time world champion James Toney.

Moments after Paul’s news launched into cyberspace, Toney logged into his alien Twitter account—which hasn’t seen a Tweet in about four years—and said, “I accept.”

Sure, Toney’s legendary power, ninety-two total fights, and countless belts may, at first glance, seem to bolster Paul’s status; however, standing toe-to-toe with a fifty-two year old man who hasn’t danced around the squared circle since he last posted something on Twitter won’t do much in the way of enlightening onlookers about any actual talent possessed by Paul. Even with a brutal stoppage of Toney, Paul’s prowess to play punchy-face may leave little to the imagination, but his business practices in the hurt game—touting the long forgotten Toney who was ankle picked and submitted seconds later by Randy Couture at UFC 118 as a professional boxer with an MMA background—highlights he truly is amongst the elite.

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