When You & Two Buddies Try Robbing the Wrong Guy

Suppose you and a couple buddies have been training at the local MMA gym for the past year or so and wish to use these minimally refined skills for a life of crime. Now, suppose your band of very dull blades spots—what is believed to be—the ideal target, but, unfortunately, soon feel the pain from the mistake. This was how such a ridiculous scenario played out on a video posted by True Gym MMA: three amateurs versus one powerful pro.

Commentated by Fight Commentary Breakdowns

The professional mixed martial artist featured in the bizarre contest is Maxim Novoselov, a guy who may resemble your local tow truck driver but is, in fact, a Russian bear. Touting a record of 11-2-1, Novoselov, more often than not, pulverizes whoever gets placed before him in the first frame. The same fate was true for the three amateurs, using MMA math, to believe there would be power in numbers; they had grossly miscalculated. 

Within ninety-seconds, the carcasses of the amateurs were littered throughout the ring. 

Furthermore, let this be a lesson to anyone mulling over the possibility of getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and using martial arts for evil.

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