Matt Brown vs. Carlos Condit: A Battle of the Boldest Beans

On paper, “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit and Matt “The Immoral” Brown in the co-main event of the UFC’s 2021 debut event appears to be a cool sip of water. In reality, the contest is an over-caffeinated rush of chaos where the corner with a better concocted brew could be the deciding factor. 

According to the stats, Condit possesses a resume primed for roasting Brown—more experience, championship caliber competition, favoritism from the odds-makers. Brown, on the other hand, believes doubters are passing data points through the wrong filter, and he’s eager to fill their heads like a carafe with a steaming pour-over of ‘I told you so’ during his post-fight interview. 

Sure, the WEC and Interim UFC Welterweight Titles, a return to victory lane following a lengthy layoff, and training amongst the world’s elite at Jackson Wink MMA can lead astute onlookers to extract the fact that a victory for Condit is a foregone conclusion; however, a thorough comparison of the coffee companies owned by both combatants could French press Brown into the winner’s circle.

The difference between Condit’s Hundred Hands Craft Coffee and Brown’s Immortal Coffee could be the critical component in who remains a whole 170-pound bean and who is ground to a fine, powdered dust. Although Hundred Hands Craft Coffee’s slogan is “not your standard coffee,” there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it; the website only offers four blends to choose from, and even though there’s a brick-and-mortar nitro bar in Condit’s hometown of New Mexico, when we here at MMA Storytime tried to place an order online, it stated the establishment was unable to fulfill the request. At the Immortal coffee, customers are greeted with greater variety: whole bean or ground, monthly memberships, as well as a CBD infused selection; moreover, Brown shared during media day the success of his perky product—which is only available online—in the midst of the pandemic. 

Whether you’re still sipping the Condit cappuccino or you believe there’s a latte possibility for Brown to have his hand raised, one thing is certain when the Octagon is locked behind these savvy veterans: the aroma of violence will fill any room showcasing this scrap on the screen.

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