Amanda Ribas: The Worst Feet In MMA

From head to ankle, Amanda Ribas, the UFC’s hottest female prospect, possesses all the necessary seeds to grow a star. As she confessed, her feet, however, should remain rooted in the soil. 

While bouncing around the fighter’s hotel prior to her Octagon return at UFC 257, Ribas shared her bubbly personality and adorable demeanor with Mike Bohn from MMA Junkie, discussing her preparation as well as the overwhelming support she’d been receiving for her upcoming test against Marina Rodriguez on the main card of 2021’s first pay-per-view. In addition to the usual responses one can expect from an interview such as this—in only the manner Ribas can answer them—viewers received an added tidbit of knowledge about the strawweight on the rise.

“Somebody…Some person sent me a message about my feet. I know it’s not good,” Ribas noted about her feet. “I know it’s not beautiful, but they smell good.”

Shortly after the interview was published on YouTube, the mystery messenger who mocked Ribas’ grotesque talons sent Bohn a screen shot of the sentiment he placed in her suggestion box:

Currently ranked ninth at 115-pounds and fresh in the memory of fans with a dominant stoppage of Paige VanZant for the Cutie Patootie Title, things keep looking up for this Brazilian sensation who demonstrates time and again that there’s no sky to her limit, which is perfect because she realizes nobody wants to be tortured by looking down at her tootsies.

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