A Sneak Peek Into Diego Sanchez’s OnlyFans Account

Just when everyone thought 2020 couldn’t have gotten any more bizarre, UFC veteran Diego Sanchez announced on Twitter that he created an OnlyFans account:

As if Sanchez hadn’t shown enough skin under MMA’s brightest lights for the past fifteen years, the first ever recipient of a contract in the UFC as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter that stretched into a span of thirty-one fights and a place in a UFC Hall of Fame Wing has decided to bear all on OnlyFans as a means of supplementing his income after hanging up the gloves. 

In the final phase of Sanchez’s career, he paired his prizefighting pursuits with Joshua Fabia, the founder of an educational system that nobody understands: the School of Self Awareness. Fabia has become an integral part of Sanchez’s life as of late—guru, financial consultant, personal trainer, head coach, manager, cuddle buddy—so it’s of no surprise that Sanchez’s significant other is prominently featured for members. 

MMA Storytime was able to briefly hack Sanchez’s OnlyFans account and obtain several posts featured on the page:

For those in the MMA community who are annoyed at the UFC for raising the costs of their pay-per-views, they may instead choose to pay $9.99 a month and dive deeper—into dark places you never thought you’d reach—with a fan favorite fighter, such as Sanchez.

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