Junior Dos Santos: Still Searching for Justice Following KO Loss at UFC 256

The normally jovial disposition of Junior Dos Santos has been down in the dumps since his loss to Ciryl Gane at UFC 256.

Although losses are a part of the game, Dos Santos—who suffered eight defeats prior to lighting the fuse of UFC 256’s main card against the undefeated Frenchman—struggles to accept the latest contest filling his loss column. In a recent conversation with AG Fight, Dos Santos denounced UFC President Dana White’s claims that the elbow leading to the stoppage was legal, feeling slighted so a younger up-and-coming prospect can continue their ascent. 

“The UFC said nothing more, for him [Gane] everything is fine, which for me is absurd to happen. A clearly illegal shot and several fighters and the president favorable to what happened, and for me, this is tremendously absurd.” Dos Santos described. “In fact, everyone agrees that it was illegal, but what they say is that I turned around and positioned myself that way.”

Unfortunately, the strike may have appeared illegal in the moment, but, as the referee overseeing the contest detailed, Dos Santos turning his head as Gane delivered an elbow negates any controversy. Moreover, the longtime veteran posted a picture shortly after the fight on Instagram to showcase the damage done.

Dos Santos furthered his case, presenting a possible explanation as to why the UFC and Nevada State Athletic Commission have gone radio silent on the issue.

“I think they are trying to pass over this, perhaps because of the negative moment I am living in my career, coming from three consecutive defeats and the guy coming on the rise, still undefeated and maybe they want to jump on that. I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want justice to be done,” dos Santos said.

Though Dos Santos is a beloved former champion within the MMA Community, its members, such as Ali Abdelaziz, are struggling to side with the Brazilian. The MMA manager to many of the sport’s stars Tweeted his support of Dos Santos, yet also noted his lack of ability to notice a problem int his situation.

Currently riding a four-fight skid, Dos Santos doesn’t seem prepared to hang up the gloves; however, another title run in the UFC seems completely out of the question at this point. Hopefully, happier days are ahead as the thirty-six-year-old one known as “Cigano” moves forward.

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