The Reason Mike Perry Kicked the Glass Window

Following the latest debacle Mike Perry posted on his social, the majority of the MMA community began raising questions about the mental strength of the one known as “Platinum.” In reality, the real reason for the incident in question was the result of poor coaching from Perry’s pregnant fiancée, Latory Gonzalez.

Via Perry’s Instagram story—a whale of a tale, indeed—viewers note the UFC welterweight and future father-to-be lying on the floor in a hallway, whispering in an exasperated manner as to how he wound up in such a predicament. Upon turning the camera in the other direction, a broken window, a pool of blood, and a deep laceration on his leg finds its way into the frame. 

Unlike Gonzalez’s efforts in the corner during Perry’s two UFC appearances in 2020, she was nowhere to be seen as a river of rich crimson leaked from his leg. Gonzalez disappeared—as she should have done during Perry’s trips to the Octagon—in search of someone who could be of actual assistance. Regardless of Gonzalez’s inability to properly instruct Perry through a high-level mixed martial arts bout and splitting their record for the year with one win and one loss, she was awarded Coach of the Year.

Much like the microphones picked up between rounds, Gonzalez’s passive personality was a contributing factor to Perry’s current dilemma. Sometimes, you just have to grab the bull by the horns; however, any attempt to saddle Perry causes him to buck, nor is such a display of dominance in Gonzalez’s disposition. 

Perry, pumped full of alcohol, began shadowboxing as he and Gonzalez were walking back toward their home from the beach. Before they entered the hallway to their complex, Gonzalez took a phone call from their obstetrician. While speaking with the doctor, Perry initiated a spat of shadowboxing and she could hear her beau telling someone, though nobody was there, to back off. Gonzalez, like usual, ignored what she thought was silliness. Then, she noticed Perry inching closer to the glass door with an increased aggression behind his air strikes. She tried warning him, saying, “Don’t kick that, it’s glass!” From the sea of booze settled inside Perry’s system, he heard his Siren call, “Kick his ass!”

One swift teep kick to his reflection’s solar plexus left Perry flat on his back, bleeding everywhere. Gonzalez severed the call with the baby’s doctor to deal with her man child. Now, with the duo riding a losing record, it will be interesting to discover which cage Perry will next be locked into: the UFC’s Octagon or a jail cell. 

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