Dana White’s Surprise for Those Who Illegally Stream UFC Events

While UFC President Dana White took to Instagram to welcome excitement for the promotion’s 2021 return, fans in the comments section who voiced their desire to not pay exorbitant fees for fight cards were soon threatened with a “surprise.” 

The UFC plans to open their 2021 with a bang, capping three cards in a week with the intriguing rematch of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, and White posted an extended promo of the contest on his Instagram:

It didn’t take long for someone to become bold in the comments, which is pretty much standard for MMA fans on social media, and tell White, “Cant wait to pirate the fuxk out of this thanks Dana Im excited.” White, who somehow wasn’t rendered unconscious by such horrific grammar and spelling, fired back, “And I can’t wait to catch u!!! Gotta surprise for u mother fuckers this year.”

As White’s response circulated, the MMA community speculated how such a widespread issue within the pay-per-view business will be enforced. With Reddit’s streaming capabilities, r/MMAStreams, and the recent disabling of crackstreams.com, anyone foregoing the purchase of a UFC event may also find themselves locked in a cage.

Stream carefully, my friends! 

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