MMA MMA Storytime Poetry Poetry Challenge Word Prompt Challenge

What Are You Waiting For?

The purge of 2020; what will you gain?

A resolution alone won’t turn the tide;

Strong mental fortitude, the muscle to strain.

The strength of dreams can fade, disappear, or hide.

Action and effort: the understated truths;

Hope without drive, the mindset of naive youths.

Dip the punches thrown your way, sprawl on takedowns;

Wait for the day to start, where potential drowns.

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  1. A wonderfully weaved and strong message. I stand here as one such person who’s letting go of dreams as he enters a new year. Not once more in my life will I dream of publishing or indeed try to. I go forth though with a smile because I’m free of my demons and ready just to enjoy writing.

    Happy new Year!

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      1. I don’t have money or trust. It takes at least 1.5k per book to get it looking and reading well. Then a further 2-3k in marketing to sell more than 2 copies. I’ll never have that kind of money.

        Trust-wise having been screwed and stolen from by three publishers and had my stories destroyed by so-called editors, I can never trust another to work on my stories again.

        Between the two it means no self-publishing and no real publishing for me.

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      2. Yup, I puzzled out solutions, beat myself up and made myself look a prat hundreds of time over the last few years before making the decision to throw it all away.


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