Go Fund Me Created To Keep Ben Askren From Boxing Jake Paul

Ben Askren’s greed for more money makes sense. As a prizefighter for more than a decade, it’s no surprise that Askren wishes to fatten his pockets with a lucrative payday in a boxing match opposite Jake Paul.

Askren posted a video where he verbally signed the dotted line to face Paul, the loudest “Boxer” on Earth with a grand total of two wins.

After eleven years in the MMA game, fans possess a vault of footage that showcases Askren’s place in the combat sports world should not be anywhere with rules preventing takedowns. The majority of the MMA community struggles to wrap their minds around such a reality. 

As witnessed in Askren’s video, his motivations are fueled by the mighty dollar; therefore, the only solution to negate this terrible decision-making is if the MMA community offers a lump-sum in return. A Go Fund Me (link here) has been created as a means of pumping the brakes on the Triller circus known as YouTube sensation Jake Paul versus Ben Askren.

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