Israel Adesanya Tweets, “Jiu-Jitsu? More like: new hairdo!”

Online, Israel Adesanya is a master troll. It’s no secret in the cage: on the feet, opponent’s pay a heavy toll, but in a recent post, the UFC’s middleweight champion got everyone believing he could roll. 

Adesanya shared an image of himself on Instagram receiving his Jiu-Jitsu purple belt. In reality, the “coach” handing Adesanya the belt in question is actually his hairdresser; the pair are, in fact, revealing what the elite striker’s next hair color will be ahead of challenging Jan Blachowicz for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in early 2021.

Leading into Adesanya’s latest title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253, he iced the opportunity—at least for a couple days—for anyone else to receive attention after dying his hair hot pink.

Though nobody completely understands Adesanya’s unconventional tactics in fight promotion, such as this current stunt that came to life on Twitter, there’s no denying the undefeated stand up specialist’s desire for more golden hardware, especially if you follow the rainbow atop his head.

MMA fans should have known Adesanya didn’t really earn his purple belt. Following his impressive stoppage of Costa, which was only several months ago, he admitted to only have his white belt. 

“Mounted by a white belch (belt)”

Additionally, when on the canvas, Adesanya demonstrated his rudimentary ground game, hoping Costa forgot the “safe word” as a means of securing the submission. 

Although Adesanya doesn’t possess a purple belt, there is no denying his sense of humor is black belt caliber. 

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