Charles Oliveira: “I was traumatized, not mentally broken”

Las Vegas, NV—After being dominated for fifteen minutes, Tony Ferguson has appeared from the dark corners where boogymen hide to share his belief that Charles Oliveira was “mentally broken in the first round.” Broken? No. Cracked a bit. Yes.

The co-main event of UFC 256, featuring Ferguson and Oliveira, piqued fans’ interest as much as, if not more than, the championship main event. Curiosity circled around: Would Ferguson bounce back from a devastating loss to Justin Gaethje earlier in the year, or could Oliveira’s rising stock in the division continue its ascent?

Leading into the bout, the physical similarities between Ferguson and Oliveira were striking; however, few expected Oliveira to mop the canvas with Ferguson in a manner Ferguson has become synonymous with. Then, the bell rang.

During an Instagram live session, Ferguson rewatched the opening round with Oliveira, pointing out all of of Oliveira’s positioning on the mat to, thereby, demonstrate how he was “mentally broken.”  

When MMA Storytime asked Oliveira about Ferguson’s comments, he responded:

“I heard these comments from Tony. Some are saying he’s suffering from CTE. Truth is, I was traumatized after that fight. I wasn’t “mentally broken” as he said, which was dumb as fuck, but I have been troubled by that arm bar I had him in. I heard tendons snap one at a time, the bones in his arm creaked, nearing a snap, and the referee whispered, “Holy shit!” Arms aren’t supposed to bend that way. Every time I close my eyes, these strangely shaped arms dance in my head. I don’t think I can ever go for an arm bar again. From now on, I’m all about chokes and KOs.”

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