Brendan Schaub Threw Dillon Danis Under the Food Truck

Los Angeles, CA—Food Truck Diaries, a podcast hosted by former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, is supposed to cause the mouths of MMA fans to water with a unique format of high calorie food and insider fight talk; however, a recently orchestrated stunt has given everyone an upset stomach. 

The popular—and nearly impossible to differentiate—YouTube brothers, Jake and Logan Paul, have garnered considerable attention from the combat sports community following Jake’s face-planting knockout of retired NBA player Nate Robinson, and Logan’s announcement to face this era’s greatest boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in February. Schaub invited the eldest Paul to discuss his upcoming matchup against a living legend as a guest earlier in the week.

When the show with Logan ended, Schaub continued scheming. Following Jake Paul’s stoppage of Robinson on November 28, he fired verbal missiles in the direction of Conor McGregor and his lesser known teammate with an overinflated ego, Dillon Danis. Lo and behold, Danis was scheduled to appear on Schaub’s podcast a few days later. Upon noticing Danis’ name on the calendar, Schaub reached for his phone.

Nobody is ever clear what Schaub is thinking, but this particular instance was rather baffling. Was he in search of more views for his show? Do the Paul brothers have something dangling over his head? Is he lonely since Joe Rogan moved to Austin, Texas? Are his pranks simply as unfunny as his stand-up? Somehow, the messages shared between Shaub and Logan have floated to the surface.

Schaub’s plan would have gone off without a hitch if his back-and-forth correspondence with Logan hadn’t been leaked. As you can see, the whole thing was a joke that poor Danis—unbeknownst to him—was the butt of. Known as a snitch within the MMA community for tattling about a well-trafficked site that allowed fans with strained pocketbooks to not miss a pay-per-view, it would seem whoever let the cat out of the bag about Schaub’s latest actions has almost evened the score.

Since reaching out to Schaub for his perspective on the matter, he has yet to respond.

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