MMA Storytime’s Rispetto Poetry Prompt Challenge #37

Welcome to MMA Storytime’s Rispetto Poetry Prompt Challenge!

A Rispetto, an Italian form of poetry, is composed of eight lines. Not only do the lines follow a specific rhyming pattern—ababccdd—but each must consist of exactly eleven syllables. 

As a model, here is a Rispetto written by Betty Lou Herbert:

Tribute to Tuscany

In old Tuscany, this form of poetry

To stimulate the imagination’s muse,

Has been passed down through every century,

To all writers whom the written words enthuse.

Even yet today, some vineyard covered hill,

Hung with clustered grapes, romantic souls instill

With a deep desire to try their hand once more

And resurrect a page from history’s lore!

For each challenge, writers will be given a particular word prompt to feature somewhere within the poem. 

Upon completing your Rispetto, you can either create a pingback from your blog—following inserted instructions (here)—or write your poem directly into the comments. 

Today’s word prompt: Prize

The Italian translation of the word Rispetto is respect, so participants should show their respect by visiting, liking, and commenting on the work of others.

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