The New Guy

“You should check out my kickboxing gym; today we’re sparring, and the guys will go soft on ya.”

He’d always harbored an interest to play the role of a Ninja Turtle, and he trusted his friend that it was no big deal to be the fresh blood.

During the first round of sparring, he didn’t anticipate a body shot landing as hard as it did; lunch from earlier that day was on display and the next five-minutes were spent gasping like a goldfish that leapt out of its bowl.

His ribs were still tender the next week when his friend asked if he wanted to attend kickboxing practice again.

“I have to help my grandma this afternoon.”

Prompted from Six Sentence Story Word Prompt at:

Prompted from Fandango’s One Word Challenge at:

Prompted from V.J.’s Weekly Challenge at:


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