The Write Fighter: Part 15

Robert’s vision of where he’d be in life was much more wonderful than his current lot. Not so much the riding his bike to work on a chilly Monday morning—a ride always brightened his day—but the fact he was still, fifteen years later, working at Delivery X, in a loveless marriage, couldn’t get a lift from his daughter: an opening of thoughts like nesting dolls.

He could place his finger on the misguided detour his family took; however, he wasn’t sure why he never veered off the highway to hell that was his job.

Robert clocked himself in.

Word Count: 100

Continue following along with each part of The Write Fighter to watch the story progress. All parts of the story are collected under “The Write Fighter” tab on‘s home screen.

Prompted from 100 Word Wednesdays at:

Prompted from the Three Things Challenge at:

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