The Write Fighter: Part 11

That drive home was a fight in its own right.

Just as Robert’s bed hit the pillow and reality faded into darkness, the alarm sounded. For the past two years, he had clung to the memory that had long since vanished: Sunday breakfast with his wife and daughter.

Robert triangulated a position at the table amongst three portions of food. 

His wife rushed past with her yoga mat, without a word. His daughter also raced toward the door shortly after; Robert fished for company. She didn’t take the bait.

Robert cracked his laptop, checking the stats from last night’s coverage.

Word Count: 100

Continue following along with each part of The Write Fighter to watch the story progress. All parts of the story are collected under “The Write Fighter” tab on‘s home screen.

Prompted from MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge at:

Photo credit to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Prompted from the Friday Fictioneers at:

Prompted from Your Daily Word Prompt at:


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