The Write Fighter: Part 8

The thought was: Tellis was being handed some real adversity tonight. Then, the bell rang.

There was a deadpan thump followed by an elevated roar from the crowd.

Upon rushing into the cage, the physician couldn’t discern whether or not a stretcher was needed. Truth was, Brenley was in bad shape after Tellis’s shin bludgeouned his skull. Robert spotted Brenley’s girlfriend crying. 

Eventually, he woke up, and they got him onto a stool; wherein, the audience paid their respects.

As the promoter wrapped the prodigy lightweight with the belt, Robert couldn’t think of a reason why Tellis’s success couldn’t continue.

Word Count: 100

Continue following along with each part of The Write Fighter to watch the story progress. All parts of the story are collected under “The Write Fighter” tab on‘s home screen.

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