The Next Generation of Fighting

We got settled in the living room for a night of fights. It was nice to see Grandpa in his element; he was, in fact, the one who got me into MMA in the first place.

“In my day, we had security on the lookout for cops throughout the parking lot and on the road into the venue and hoped we didn’t get arrested, along with an ass-kicking.”

When Grandpa described the underground free fighting circuit as a resistance, of sorts, it always sounded like an entirely different thing than today’s popularized—and widely commercialized—form of sports entertainment.

As one of the evening’s modern-day gladiators made his walk toward the cage, ushered with amplified music and roaring fans, Grandpa wondered aloud, “Let’s see what this marshmallow has to offer.”

Prompted from the Six Sentence Story Word Prompt at:


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