Bones Aren’t Supposed to Do That

They clashed into a clinch where neither was sure-footed, forcing them to topple to the canvas.

In the scramble, Christian, who made a habit of collecting limbs, found his opponent’s arm gift wrapped, dangling loosely away from the body. Shifting his legs and adjusting his grip, Christian secured the necessary positioning. Houdini couldn’t have escaped.

When he dropped his weight back, he anticipated, due to the immense pressure on the elbow, hearing tendons pop before bones snap, yet there was only a silent, elastic stretch.

The opponent, Charles, was living up to his nickname”Gumby,” and Christian filled every inch of his muscles with lactic acid while straining for the submission; however, the effort was an epic fail. 

Prompted from Six Sentence Story Word Prompt at:

Prompted from Tale Weaver at:


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