The Write Fighter: Part 1

Each day and week, I look forward to the various challenges found throughout the bloggersphere to prompt stories and poems. While I will continue publishing pieces as single servings, I wanted to use flash fiction challenges of 100 words—100 Word Wednesday, MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge, Friday Fictioneers, as well as others that are discovered along the way—to craft a longer tale constructed of bite-sized chunks.  

The journey begins here:

Robert’s shift ended, and he swapped his Delivery X uniform for life as a civilian before Gerald finished parking the truck.

Of course, the dedicated family man would have normally driven straight home in his delivery duds, meeting the attitude of his teenage daughter and wife, who had become more of a licensed roommate, head on. 

Last year, Robert turned a hobby into a side hustle, creating a website,, producing content related to Northern California’s bustling fight scene, and, soon thereafter, collecting press passes across the state, such as tonight’s highly anticipated card packed with hard-hitting amateurs.

Word Count: 100

Prompted from 100 Word Wednesdays at:


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