Fighting Through the Pain

He felt his knee twist in every wrong direction.

After the emergency brake was pulled on his jog, several teammates checked on his well-being, “You good?”

“Yeah, I just felt something pinch in my knee; walking back to the gym and getting some ice on it will do the trick.”

The pain on his face was as noticeable as a grain of salt in a swimming pool. 

With only a week until the biggest fight of his career, no injury was going to keep him from launching the beginnings of his legacy, and he blamed his slight limp, when anyone asked, on some cramping due to the weight cut.

He thought the pain from his knee would be inconsequential compared to the pain from missing out on an opportunity; however, after absorbing one, chopping shin into his knee, he felt otherwise.

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  1. Good line. “The pain on his face was as noticeable as a grain of salt in a swimming pool.”

    It sounds like he was down and out with that chopping shin into his knee. Ouch!

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  2. Never mess with the knees! In college I damaged one of mine after falling during a jog, didn’t see a dr until too late after the fact. Was years later before I discovered a “cure” through bodybuilding. Nope. Don’t mess around with the knees 😀

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