MMA Storytime’s First 10,000 Views

In comparison to the many other blogs out there, 10,000 views is merely a drop in the bucket. However, with an MMA-centric blog that entered into existence in mid-December 2019, the growth, in my opinion, has been tremendous to see.

As well as garnering the eyeballs on my writing style, it’s been interesting opening the minds of others about MMA, a sport they may otherwise have no experience with, or connecting with those within the Bloggersphere who do posses considerable knowledge regarding the hurt business.

Whether your understanding of mixed martial arts is that of a veteran or a rookie, the stories or poetry produced at, more often than not, uses face-punching as a vessel to conceptualize the emotions, dedication, or business practices of the sport.

Thank you to those who visit each post, smash the like button, or even leave a comment with feedback. With your continued support, it won’t be long until I’m reporting of MMA Storytime’s next major milestone of 100,000 views. 

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