Song Lyric Sunday: All About That Cake

For this week’s Song Lyric Sunday, writers were served a tasty challenge: find a song with the given words—baking, bread, cake, pie, or picnic—in either the title or the lyrics. As serious as the sport of MMA is inside the cage, that doesn’t mean the athletes can’t hammer your funny bone while outside the boundaries of violence. Daniel “DC” Cormier, the former heavyweight and light heavyweight UFC Champion, isn’t built like the stereotypical MMA competitor—much shorter than many of his foes and without the washboard abs. In addition to Cormier’s hardened pursuit to reach the peak of his combat sport of choice—whether it be wrestling in the Olympics or attaining gold belts in MMA—he has never shied away from the soft spot he has for junk food. In fact, during the 7th Annual World MMA Awards, Cormier performed the song “All About That Cake,” which was written by comedian Adam Hunter.


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