Six-Sentence Story: Dollars Over Sense

Lawrence regretted his decision the second the words left his lips. He got into the MMA promotion game as a way to develop young prospects, but now he found himself more concerned with the bottom line. 

When Reggie Parsons pulled out of his fight at the last-minute against “Totem Pole” Terry Vasquez, all Lawrence could think of was how many tickets he’d have to refund and beer guzzling patrons he’d have to turn away, but when he got wind that Peter Daniels, an up-and-comer with a couple of pro fights, would be willing to hop in to face Vasquez, Lawrence ignored the logistics of a rookie facing a storied veteran and focused on only half the dollar signs walking out of the venue. 

“Okay…you’re in,” Lawrence told Peter.

Lawrence took his usual seat cage side, though he struggled to shake the feeling that he was leading a lamb to slaughter. The bell rang, and Lawrence closed his eyes; he couldn’t watch.

Prompted from the Six-Sentence Story Word Prompt at:

Photo credit to Joseph Ngabo via Unsplash

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  1. (old movie reference)


    probably would have been more appropriate to cite the taxi cab scene with Brando and Lee J Cobb

    I can offer the links!!

    (yeah! lets do that!*)

    *of course, please delete if it doesn’t work… better yet I’ll use a second Reply box for the two vid links

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  2. …sorry, only have the more appropriate video (Love the scene with Brando yelling in the rain, but, I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was a boxer in that movie).

    On the Waterfront:

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