Flash Fiction: Still An Artist

Shortly after leaving his gloves in the center of the cage, Ron’s life felt devoid of any color. The passion to create on a canvas, however, never left him; no mixed, no martial, so he purchased some paints and headed to the spare bedroom. 

Ron’s artistic flare and dedication to his craft secured him a personal exhibit several years later. The parallels between a career in MMA and painting were uncanny: the fact it’s all on you, critics, self-promotion, and selling tickets.

Moments before Ron’s first exhibit opened, he felt similar butterflies before the bell would ring.

“It’s showtime!”

Word Count: 100

Prompted from MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge at: https://mmastorytime.com/2020/06/22/100-word-flash-fiction-challenge-24/.

Prompted from Tale Weaver at: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/tale-weaver-281-artwork-june-25th/.


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