Six-Sentence Story: Hitchhiking to the Cage

Brian spent every last cent he had in preparation for his upcoming fight—training fees, some form of proper nutrition, and medicals—leaving nothing for him to actually cover the gas of the two-hour trip. With his training gear by his side, he held his thumb out on the side of the highway. 

Eventually, a couple of dudes, Brad and Chad, stopped and allowed Brian to hop in the back. 

Cruising along I-5 North, the two guys in the front became hypnotized by their passenger’s weekend profession. 

“You can just drop me off near that statue since the fighter’s hotel is right across the street,” Brian told Brad, the driver. 

After earning a first round knockout and a purse of a little over $5,000, Brian realized he could be a promoter, selling the sport to others, because he noticed Brad and Chad pointing and cheering at him from the stands as he made his way backstage. 

Prompted from the Six-Sentence Story at:

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Prompted from Sunday Photo Fiction at:


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