Six-Sentence Story: Be Like Water

When “Iron” Will Flankes entered the arena, his nerves were frayed. Nobody knew, because he played it cool, but his organs were tangled in a web of knots. 

Undefeated and nearly flawless in each of his eight victories, Flankes’s style resembled the ocean’s tide: flowing in and out until crashing upon his opponents like a wave onto the shore.

Where did the transformation occur? 

While the headphones of other fighters blared with music in the locker room, Flankes fired up an old tape of Bruce Lee’s monologues that he had transferred into an MP3, which continuously reminded him to “be like water,” and he didn’t pause the encouraging words until it was his turn to leave the backstage holding tank and enter the spotlight.

Once Flankes made his walk toward the cage, the flood gates opened.

Prompted from the Six Sentence Story Prompt at:

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  1. while seemingly an approach that appears soft, the degree of discipline necessary to apply the advice ‘be like water’ is, I suspect, far more difficult than it might seem.

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  2. Your SSS caused me to watch a video on YouTube about Bruce Lee’s monologue and being like water. Love this! Great ending to your SSS, “the flood gates opened”

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