Six-Sentence Story: The Iron Chin

“If you fight this guy like a bar room brawler, you’re going pay the price with your consciousness,” coach reminded between combinations.

Jake, a young, brash, undefeated, know-it-all, responded with a smirk, “It’s worked every other time.”

Coach had been working with Jake since he was a kid, and he was well-aware of how stubborn he could be, which was amplified even more by his success since becoming a professional mixed martial artist.

Coach pushed a little harder, “Your opponent doesn’t punch like an ordinary MMA guy; he was a former Golden Gloves Boxer.”

“Gold gloves will break on this iron chin,” was Jake’s clever retort as he tapped his gloves to the point of his face.

The first round began just like Jake wanted and ended as coach had predicted, with the refined boxer finding Jake’s off button using a right hook.

Prompted from the Six Sentence Story Prompt at:

Prompted from Fandango’s One Word Challenge at:


  1. I’ll bet Jake had no idea he had an “off button,” but now that he does perhaps he will listen more closely to his coach. Good use of the prompt.

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