Six-Sentence Story: Rules Are Rules

Fighters had been fined, even suspended, for breaking the rules, but Kyle Thompson, in unprecedented fashion, was kicked out of the league. Interestingly enough, in a sport designed around violence, Thompson, on numerous occasions, had proven to be too much so. 

Following Thompson’s recent offense—stomping on the head of an opponent long after the bell announced the round’s end—the athletic commission unanimously agreed to revoke his fighter’s license, indefinitely. His only chance at a golden ticket back into competition was attending therapy; he needed to behave more like a martial artist if her were to ever mix it up in the cage again. 

Thompson thought sitting on the sidelines wouldn’t affect him; however, he soon realized how much he missed the privilege of being cast under the bright lights. He, begrudgingly, enrolled in anger management sessions, tamed the inner demons that escaped while locked in the cage, and made a long-awaited, rule-abiding return.

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  1. Glad he realized the importance of taking that step. Those inner demons have kept many a person from reaching their potential.


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