Flash Fiction: Fan Mail

“Today’s batch is pretty light,” Karl’s manager noted before handing the box off.

Karl “The Crusher” Cantrell was pleased to not have to sign a bunch of stuff this morning; he just wanted to get to practice. Fan mail was both an honor and a curse: it was great to have people around the world wanting your signature, but Karl also realized how many sports memorabilia collectors would be making a few bucks off his John Hancock. 

Once in awhile, the legendary prizefighter would receive outlandish requests—marriage proposals, a chance to visit his Hollywood mansion, or wanting a pair of his used shorts or gloves. For the most part, though, the letters would be filled with trading cards or pictures in hopes of signatures. As Karl opened each letter, signed its contents, and handed them off to his manager to be addressed and sealed for return, he stopped on one letter for several minutes, chuckling as his eyes scanned each line.

“What is it?” his manager questioned.

The letter read:

Dear Mr. Crusher,

My name is Steven Broyles. I’m a fourth-grader at Mission Heights Elementary School. I bet you get a lot of people who say you’re their favorite fighter, but I really am. I’ve seen every one of your fights—even the ones before I was born on YouTube—and my Dad always orders the pay-per-views when you’re fighting. Those are my favorite nights because he orders pizza, and my sisters leave us alone all night, since they don’t like MMA like we do. 

Anyways, I wanted to ask you two things: One, can you please sign the card I enclosed? Two, I was wondering, since we both live in the same city, if you would visit my class on May 21st for Career Day? My Dad says you’re a really busy guy, so I’d understand if you couldn’t make it. I know my class would freak out if you came. My best friend, Jimmy, is also a fan of you, but not as much as I am; whenever we wrestle, I use the same takedown you do, and he always gives up.

Thank you for reading my letter! Hope to meet you soon!

Your biggest fan,


Karl put down the letter, signed the card, and asked his manager if he had any scheduled appearances on May 21st. 

“Looks like that day is clear,” he responded.

Karl also wrote back to Steven, though he delivered his letter in person—at Mission Heights Elementary School’s Career Day!

Karl’s letter read:

Dear Steven,

Your letter was very moving. I didn’t have my dad around while growing up, so I thought it was extremely special that you and your dad are able to bond while watching me fight. 

I get asked to do events all the the time, but I’ve never had the privilege to be a part of Career Day. It was too good to pass up! Thank you for inviting me. 

I would also like to continue helping you dominate your friend Jimmy, as well as anyone else who may try and cross your path, so I’ve included a free pass to become a member of the gym. Check with your parents to make sure it’s ok to join the kids class.

Your friend,

The Crusher

Prompted from the Sunday Writing Prompt at: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/06/07/sunday-writing-prompt-secret-admirer/.

Prompted from V.J. Knutson’s Weekly Challenge at: https://onewomansquest.org/2020/06/08/vjs-weekly-challenge-99-privilege/.

Prompted from the Word of the Day Challenge at: https://wordofthedaychallenge.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/honor/.


  1. Sweet story. Imagine how that child would feel! My son was a wrestling fan – not something I ever watched with him – and one day, while I was away at a conference, I discovered we were staying at the same hotel as the wrestlers. They were huge, and we had a chance to social with a bit, so I got great autographs for my son.

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