Six-Sentence Story: Launch Toward Super Stardom

Undefeated, all of his seven victories required just a single round, and a swelling following on social media: Lance’s trajectory was like that of a rocket ship, straight for the stars.

A pro for the past two years, Lance grew anxious to ditch the local scene, fighting for peanuts, and bask under the sport’s brightest lights; he wanted to be a prizefighter, not a competitor for chump change. 

Lance’s path for fame and fortune led to a fork in the road, a choice between following his manager or his head coach.

In one ear, his manager breathed a trove of promises, “I’ll make you rich.”

On his other shoulder, coach imparted words of reason, “Success isn’t a symptom of force; it’s a product of passion meeting opportunity.”

Turning in the direction of a quick payday, as most young, hot prospects do, only time will truly tell.

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  1. The trove of promises and becoming rich has snared many. Hopefully Lance will carefully consider his options and listen to his coach.


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