Six-Sentence Story: Passion Project

After nearly ten years of processing and analyzing insurance documents, Darren’s mental state had been ground down to a fine powder. Everyone around him saw the toll it was taking.

A leave of absence allowed Darren to pursue his passion of MMA journalism, though he never knew how to cash checks from covering cage fighting. 

An article for one site led to interviewing fighters for another, which bolstered his name in the business like a snowball speeding downhill. Soon, without even realizing how it happened, he was in the thick of what he loved—and getting paid for it.

He never worked another day in his life.

Prompted from the Six Sentence Story at:

Prompted from the Three Things Challenge at:


  1. It is interesting to follow the path of that leads to finally being in the place one wanted to be all along. Often all the steps along the way makes well prepared for the end of the journey.


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