MMA Storytime: The What & Why

Prompted from Carrot Ranch’s Saddle Up Saloon at:

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MMA Storytime is all encompassing destination for everything fun that the world of mixed martial arts offers: tales of victory or defeat, memes, and the opportunity to meet personalities within the industry.

Instead of regurgitating the same headlines scattered throughout cyberspace, MMA Storytime invents characters and scenarios, pulling back the curtain about the sport’s inner-workings via fiction.

MMA Storytime’s social media is a portal to both the serious and silly. The podcast opens windows to the men and women propelling combat sports forward, and memes allow humor to seep in when contradiction or wild imagery come into view.

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The MMA news cycle spins so fast that, more often than not, only the sport’s surface gets revealed. By slowing down at MMA Storytime and combining imagination with some truths about mixed martial arts, greater depths can be discovered. 

Additionally, podcasts and memes on MMA Storytime’s social media allow for further vantages—both serious and silly—of the sport. 

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Tales, memes, and podcasts for all of MMA’s angles.


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