Six-Sentence Story: There’s A Right Way and A Wrong Way

Brady could have walked away from the situation, which would have been the right thing do—and what his martial arts training would suggest—but he didn’t. Instead, his jealousy got the best of him, forcing a rage to course through his veins and control his actions like a maniacal puppeteer. 

“He wasn’t even hitting on me; it wasn’t like that,” Brady’s girlfriend said, trying to deescalate things. 

Blinded by anger, Brady’s better judgement—also soaked in multiple shots of Jameson—couldn’t focus on consequence, only action, and he beat the guy who was, unbeknownst to him, asking his girlfriend if she had a lighter within an inch of his life.

The cops arrived on the scene, loaded Brady into the back of their cruiser, and told his girlfriend that the next time she could see him was on his day in court. 

During his arraignment, Brady discovered the victim had sustained life-altering injuries and was sentenced to five years behind bars, and his girlfriend mouthed to him while he was being escorted away, “I miss you.”

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  1. Jealousy and anger are not a good match. They are both going to have time to consider whether there is hope for that relationship when he gets out.
    Well done SSS.

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