Six-Sentence Story: What A Mismatch

The smile said he had something big, but when Felix’s manager slammed the contract in front of him, all he saw was a giant mismatch.

“Did you talk to Coach Barnes about this?” Felix questioned as his manager forced a pen into his hand.

“No, but I’m sure he’d understand what a humungous opportunity this is for you,” was the manager’s immediate reply, as though he prepared for the question.

After Felix left the office and returned to practice, one of his teammates asked who he’d be fighting, and when Felix shared that he was supposed to face “Crazy” Curtis Billingsly, a regional journeyman with upwards of ten times his experience, his teammate faked a smile because he wanted to be happy for him, except his face said what Felix had been thinking since he saw the opponent’s name in black and white: it would be a suicide mission.

Steam poured out of Coach’s ears once he heard who Felix had signed to fight, “Billingsly is under your same management team; that son-of-a-bitch is double dipping.”

As soon as Felix understood his manager’s angle, he cancelled the bout and began the hunt for a new manager.

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  1. What a slimeball! Wouldn’t want to know how many athletes are scammed by their managers and/or accountants. People who are supposed to be looking out for their clients, not exploiting them. $ all about the $ for some, not the talent. Hope Felix’s next manager was better!
    Nice treat today with the 2fer 😀

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  2. when there is money to be made, there will be the hustlers and the con men, their effectiveness us usually in a direct proportion to the desire of the person they have convinced they can ‘help’.
    good Six

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    • These guys/gals are making a few hundred bucks early on in their careers. One would think that would be the point where the money doesn’t equal the punishment, yet they continue on. It’s a crazy game.


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